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The Path is an alternative spiritual university with monthly Live Interactive Workshops with Exclusive, High Level Expert Authors, Teachers and Mentors.

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Susan Anderson

Healing the Abandonment Wound

Sheleana Aiyana

Healing Meditations for Self-Soothing

Luana Rose

Nervous System and Boundaries

Georgianna Lee

Guided Meditations and Interactive Sessions

Bari Tessler

The Art of Money

Devi Ward

Sexual Healing & Authentic Tantra

The Path was created by Sheleana Aiyana, founder of Rising Woman as an inner circle for the Rising Woman Community.

Rising woman is a community of over 2 million seeking to expand their self-awareness, heal their relationship wounds and reclaim their true nature.

As seen in:

Affordable Access To High Quality Content & Mentorship

Learn & Grow in a Community of Like-minded Women

Feel Supported on Your Growth & Healing Journey

Explore Many Approaches to Healing & Schools of Thought All in One Place

Exclusive monthly access to live interactive workshops with top healing mentors

You’ll get Immediate Access to:

Healing Abandonment and Shame; Overcoming Self-Sabotage

with Susan Anderson

Hormone Health

with Alisa Vitti

Discover Your Soul’s Purpose Through Human Design

with Jas Offor-Verville

How to Heal Your Nervous System and Create Somatic Boundaries

with Luana Rose

The Art of Money

with Bari Tessler

Awaken The Healing Power of Pleasure

with Tibetan 5 Element Tantra with Devi Ward

‘Healing After We’ (Break up Recovery)

with Ginger Dean

Intuitive Decision Making Using Tarot

with Brigit Esselmont (aka Biddy Tarot)

Conscious Relationships 101

with Sheleana Aiyana & Ben Goresky

The 3 R’s for Healthy Relationships

with Elizabeth Earnshaw

Exploring Our Attachment Styles

with Silvy Khoucasian

Unhooking From Codependent Patterns for Good

with Kylie McBeath

Plus monthly sessions with

Andrea Dupuis

Resident Astrologer

Georgianna Lee

Rising Woman Facilitator and Coach

When you sign-up today you get immediate access to the past Workshops AND you get to attend the Upcoming Workshops LIVE.

Here’s what you get each month

1 LIVE Online Workshop

with a hand-picked special Guest Expert (the best in the world)

$299 value


Live ‘Surprise’ Pop-up Workshop(s)

$299 value

1 LIVE Online Healing Session

(Meditations, Visualizations, Breathwork, Embodiment Practices)

$199 value

1 LIVE Debrief and Coaching Session

to Integrate The Teachings of The Month

$199 value

1 LIVE Astrology Session per month

talking about the monthly themes and planetary transits (as well as tips on how to read your own chart)

$150 value


through Live Interactive Sessions

$125 value

Private  Membership Forum

to connect and support each other on the Path

$149 value

Surprise giveaways

from Rising Woman and guest teachers

Book of the month


And more

Total Value: $17,040 every year

Member’s Stories on The Path Workshops


"I was immediately drawn to The Path and did not hesitate at all in registering.

This year has taught me that I know so little about myself as a human being. Looking forward to building a stronger connection with myself and with those in The Path community!"

- Audrey, Path Member


"I’m so grateful for the opportunity to be part of The Path community !

All the activities in the program are so powerful and supports my journey of self growth and transformation. I love the exploration of different approaches to heal and get deeper into my inner world!"

- Naama Peer, Path Member


My experience with The Path has been very fulfilling and I am truly happy with my decision to take the plunge by allowing myself the time and space to go on this beautiful journey.

- Brittany Donecho, Path Member


The books and talks I have encountered so far through The Path have provided a healing refuge, whilst facing the waves of emotion in a Covid-Time breakup.

- Taimi, Path Member

Wonderful to have access to healing in community with such a diverse array of teachers with so much wisdom!

- Danielle Robidoux, Path Member

Upcoming Workshop


Creating Your Life With Boundaries

with Nedra Tawwab Glover

Member’s Stories on The Path Community


The Path is my community of like minded wild women, full of laughter, stardust and pain, a cosmic swirl of beauty and home.

- Sarah Kalmeta, Path Member


The community and wisdom I’ve received from being on “The Path” has allowed me to create a safe space for my inner child to finally come out of the cage where I had her locked up.

- Akemi Rico, Path Member


The Path is a community of understanding, growth & sisterhood that provides a source of support and encouragement and a place to hold space for each other on our journey of healing.

- Janice Yong, Path Member


Joining a community of other seekers, learners & people dedicated to their own betterment is a healing process in itself; The Path is the ultimate place for this.

- Viona Young, Path Member

Being in a like-minded community of people who are interested in the same things and are on similar journeys of self-growth gives me a sense of belonging.

My biggest takeaway from The Path is that co-nourishing relationships are ESSENTIAL to heal and grow. Feeling understood, validated/not crazy for my feelings, and being cared for by others is so uplifting to the spirit and helps me to keep going on the days it's hard.

- Erin, Path Member

Joining The Path has opened my mind and my heart and has given me a new journey of healing. I couldn’t have picked a better community to be a part of.

- Christina Labozetta, Path Member

The Path
is for you:

  • You are open-minded
  • You love to learn about a wide variety of topics related to personal growth
  • You want to learn from high caliber experts
  • You’re looking for a community that you fit into
  • You are compassionate & supportive of other people’s journey
  • You’re ready to cultivate a deeper sense of self worth and create a life you love
  • You want to have fun while you learn and grow

The Path isn't
for you if:

  • You prefer to keep a closed mind
  • You don’t have any desire to champion other people on their path or let yourself be supported
  • You are looking to resolve a significant challenge in your life that would be better suited to 1-1 support
  • You’re not ready or willing to look inward and own your shadow side
  • You are looking for a place to blame and battle online

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